Switching to Sessions Health From a Different EHR

We understand switching to a new EHR can feel overwhelming. Sessions Health makes the transition as painless as possible. 
We can generally load all your client names, DOBs, email addresses, addresses, and phone numbers. We also attempt to back-fill all your prior appointments, including progress and psychotherapy notes. From your client charts, we attempt to scrub and populate diagnosis codes for your clients. Lastly, we store/upload your remaining client documents, administrative notes, treatment plans, and completed consents/questionnaires stored as PDFs to the client record. These are all subject to if and how your EHR exports certain data for Sessions Health to ingest. 
Moving your data to Sessions Health is a simple 3-step process:
  1. Export data from your current EHR. Not every EHR exports data the same way, so you may need to contact your current EHR to find out how to export your data. If you choose to add a password to your data file, you will need to share that with us so we can process your import.
  2. Once you have your data, you can upload a ZIP (or compressed) file to your Internal Documents page by clicking on the + Add button and following the instructions. 

    Note: We support files up to 1GB in size for uploads, so send us a message at support@sessionshealth.com if your file is larger than that and we'll suggest a different method.

  3. Once uploaded, send a message to support@sessionshealth.com to let us know it's there. In most cases, we can import your data within a day, however, we ask for 1-3 days to complete as our team needs to validate the import file prior to executing the import, which can be a tedious process. 
Since every EHR is different, they export different data points in different formats. That means it's possible that some of the data may not have a place to go in Sessions Health. However, we keep the raw data around in perpetuity, and if we ever add support for any data that we weren't able to previously import, we'd be happy to go back and get that added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my client data into Sessions Health?
Yes, we have a process to import your data. In some cases, we're able to import clients, past appointments, notes, diagnosis, and other client files.This varies depending upon the EHR you are coming from.

I'm trying to upload my EHR data into Sessions Health. Do I need to select one file at a time?
No, you can upload all files at once by generate an archive or ZIP file. You can do this by right-clicking on the folder and:

  • If you're on Mac, select "Compress [folder name]"
  • If you're on Windows, select "Send to", then select "Compressed (zipped) folder". 

Once a ZIP archive is created, you can upload that single file as well.

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