Generating a Health Insurance Claim (Form 1500)

This Sessions Health tutorial teaches you about billing features such as setting up insurance payers, creating bills, and generating 1500 claims.

Create an Insurance Claim 1500 Form.

If the Client has insurance coverage, and you want to send a 1500 Claim form to the insurance company for reimbursement, you can click on "New 1500 Claim."

You will be asked to confirm the Client's insurance information, personal information as well as your professional information then your 1500 form will be ready to download. You can download your 1500 PDF with the form background present or not if you already have pre-printed 1500 forms. Once you select which one, a PDF will be generated for you to download.

Once your bill is submitted and you have received reimbursement from the insurance company, you can add "Explanation of Benefits" to the bill, this includes Co-Payments, Insurance Amount Paid, and, if any, Written off Amount.

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