Linking to an External Calendar Service

Setup your calendar to sync with an external calendar provider.

Syncing your calendar with an external calendar provider such as Gmail is simple and 100% HIPAA compliant. To get setup select the "Calendar" from the left-hand menu, once you are in the calendar, select "Settings" from the ... menu.

From the following screen, click on "Allow your Sessions calendar to sync to an external calendaring application", once you have activated syncing, you will be asked how you would like your Client names to be synced.

  1. Use Full Name - When selected Sessions will sync your clients' names with your external calendar provider.
  2. Internal ID - When "Internal ID" is selected, Sessions Health will never share the real name of your clients, but instead use a pre-assigned identifier; when you enable Internal IDs, you also see the Client's identifier in all Client views so you will always be able to map the actual Client name to their identifier. Why would you want to use Internal IDs? If you are unsure if your 3rd party calendar provider is HIPAA compliant, you should use internal identifiers. Syncing your clients' real names with a non compliant service would be a HIPAA violation.

This interface will provide you with a calendar ".ics" URL that will allow you to add your Sessions calendar to your external provider.

Below are a few links from popular calendar providers on how to use this url to add your Sessions calendar. If you use another calendar provider, most offer a way to import an external calendar from a .ics URL. Please search your providers help documentation to accomplish this, if you are having trouble please contact us at




Why is my Google calendar not syncing or taking a long time to sync?
Google calendar has a known limitation where they only sync "From URL" calendars about once per day. Other calendar apps like Apple on iPhone allow you set a frequency including as often as every 15 minutes. Our calendar is currently a 1-way sync and so we rely upon the consuming calendar app to get new events by checking the URL. We do have plans to change to a 2-way sync a little later this year so we aren't dependent upon the application like Google to check our URL as we'll be able to push events to the calendars.

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