Sending Telehealth Links

This Sessions Health tutorial teaches you how to set up a telehealth location.

Note: We do have plans for including telehealth as part of our platform and are happy to let you know when that is available. We currently aren't offering telehealth since Doxy and other services offer free services. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on making the best EHR features that we can and keep our price low. We do make it easy to include your telehealth location and information in your appointments and appointment reminders.

Sending Telehealth Links

There's a couple of ways to address sending telehealth links.

Appointment Reminders

One is with text SMS and/or email appointment reminders. You can read more about customizing appointment reminders with telehealth links.

Add Appointment

You can also add the information to the appointment itself under the "More information" section. Patients will see this information on their client portal view.

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