Using Custom Forms


Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

This tutorial explains how to customize a Good Faith Estimate and send it to clients to electronically sign.


Note Forms

After you have created a Note form, you are ready to start using that form in your session/client notes. When you are adding a note to a session or client record, under the Notes header is dropdown where you will see your custom note forms. Select one and the form will appear for you to fill out.


Intake Forms

After you have created a new Intake form, you are ready to start using it in your client records. When creating a new Intake Form, you can select to make it default on all new client records.

Also, when creating a new client or editing an existing client, you can add any combination of forms you like from the Manage Forms dropdown section in the client Details Tab.

Select the form you want to add and click Save, and you will see your new form as a section on the Details page for you to fill out.



To share questionnaires, first go to the questionnaires section in Forms and Documents.

Next, click on the questionnaire you want to send and select the Submissions tab.

Now, click + Request to pull up a modal where you will select the recipients.

After submitting, by returning the to Submissions tab you will be able to see responses from your clients.



Can you send clients forms/documents to e-sign in the portal or do they need to print out and scan back?
You have the ability for clients to electronically sign both forms and documents. Our forms builder allows you to add an Electronic Signature element to consent forms, intake forms, and questionnaires. You may also share your own PDF and other documents with your clients through the client portal, however, the client will need to download, print, sign, and upload into the portal. For this reason, we recommend building your forms in Sessions Health. Clients can also be sent treatment plans and assessments to electronically sign.

Do you have a form builder or are you only able to use the ones you provide or import your own?
Yes, you may create custom forms of your own and also customize our system forms. Create your own forms from Click the "Add" button and then give your form a name. After that, you may build your form using our many form elements. You may also be interested in watching the Custom Forms Tutorial. You may add system forms from Once you've added a system form to your forms library, you may also customize it.

How do I resend intake and consent forms?
Go to Clients > [Client Name] > Portal tab and click on the Edit link. If a form has already been sent, uncheck the form and click Save. Refresh the screen and click on the Edit link once more. Recheck each form you want to resend and click Save.

When creating new consent forms, I do not see an option to add an e-signature. Is this automatically added to the forms?
For consent forms, e-signatures are automatically added so you do not need to add it when customizing it. 



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