Questions About Pricing and Fees

How much does Sessions Health cost? What is your pricing? What does is cost for additional users? 

We offer both a Freemium and a Professional subscription. Our Freemium subscription is intended for new and growing practices that don't yet have the client volume to support paying for an EHR. Our Professional subscription is $35/month for the initial practitioner and $25/month for each additional practitioner. We do not charge a fee for supervisor-only roles and non-practitioner roles such as billers, schedulers, and other administrative staff.

If you are an educator that would like to use Sessions Health in a classroom setting, please contact us for special pricing.

See our Pricing Page for more details. 

Do you have a price guarantee?
We firmly believe in grandfathering our current customers when any price increase were to occur. This means that if we raise prices and you are a current customer, your price should not increase. Unfortunately, some EHRs raise their rates for current customers and with little notice. This practice does not align with our ethics. 

What are your fees for credit cards payments?
We use Stripe to process credit cards. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per successful credit card transaction. These are 100% Stripe fees and Sessions Health does not add or take any fees. 

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