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Sessions Health setup guide

Setting up Stripe allows you to process payments from your client via Credit Card, HSA, or FSA cards. When you click Setup Stripe you will be temporarily redirected to Stripe's website to create or link to an existing Stripe account. We will transfer and autofill as much of the Stripe setup form as possible, but you will need your bank account information available to enable deposits.


Stripe determines the payout timing of your payments collected through Sessions Health. It's generally 24-48 hours.

Stripe Connection Troubleshooting

Sessions Health uses Stripe to process payments. We integrate with Stripe, but some problems may need to be handled on their website.

You can access to your Stripe Dashboard by logging into your Stripe account at You can access Stripe support at

Changed Business Name

If you changed your business name, it will need to be updated in Stripe so that the business name and tax-id match.

Wrong bank account

For incorrect banking information, this Updating existing bank account information article from Stripe's support site may be.

Updating Business Information in Stripe

You can update that information by first going to your Stripe Settings page (clicking on the gear/cog in top-right corner)Next, under Business Settings, click the Bank accounts and scheduling link:

This will bring you to your bank account information and an Edit button to update your information.

Accepting HSA and FSA Cards

Some HSA and FSA cards will be declined if Stripe doesn't recognize the charges are healthcare related. By default, Sessions Health sets up a business classification to allow HSA and FSA cards during your account integration, however, some circumstances result in Stripe not recognizing that classification. Please see this article for more details and contact Stripe to ensure your account is setup to receive HSA and FSA cards.

Note: Even if your account is setup to receive HSA and FSA cards, some banks may still decline the charge for their own reasons. Your client may need to contact their banking institution to understand why their card is being declined.

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