Session Bridging (Session Feedback)

Session bridging lets you get valuable feedback from your clients.

Setup a session bridge

To get started, add the Session Feedback form from Questionnaires (or create your own custom session bridging form.)

The session feedback form is brief and allows your clients to give you important information about how they experienced the therapy session.

Deliver the session bridging questionnaire

Next, from any appointment pop-up, assign the Session Feedback form to the Session Bridge. You can schedule it to be sent out from variable intervals.

When a therapy session is over the session bridge questionnaire will be emailed at the appropriate interval. Clients will be emailed a link to fill out the form without requiring a log-in or account. You'll be notified on the home screen when a client has submitted feedback as part of session bridging.

View session bridging responses

You can access submissions by navigating to Forms and Documents and selecting a session bridging form from Questionnaires.

You can then filter submissions for each type of session bridging form

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