Billing Automation


Billing automation

This tutorial explains how to set up Billing Automation features in Sessions Health.


Billing automation settings location

To configure automated billing features, first go to your Billing Settings page. Here you will find a panel for Billing Automation.


Automatically creating bills (or invoices)

Billing automation includes the ability to automatically create bills. You have several options available when configuring this feature.

f you automatically create bills Daily, they will be created every day at 12am. If you have this setting configured for Monthly, they will be created at 12am on the 1st of the month. If bills are created Manually, completed appointments with billable services will be in a Pended status until you save and move it to an Open status to be paid.

There are cases where you will still want to keep your settings set to manual such as if you frequently add products like credit card fees based upon the bill amount. Products must be manually added to a bill so this setting should be turned off if you need to add products to a bill.


Automatically creating superbills

Billing automation includes the ability to automatically create superbills. You may select any day of the month when configuring this feature. By default, your account will be set to generate superbills on the 1st of the month.

Note: This setting is only used to determine which day automatic superbills will generate. You must enable each client you wish to generate superbills for from the client-level settings described below.

Client-level settings

In addition to account-level configuration, each client must have the Automatically Create Superbills setting enabled in order for superbills to be automatically created. Go to Clients > [Client Name] > Billing > Settings to verify that it's turned on.

What will be included on the superbill?

All insurance-eligible services (those tied to CPT codes) that occurred the previous month or earlier will be included.

When should I set my superbills to be created?

Superbills will be generated on the day of the month selected in the dropdown. If you want to collect payments from clients before creating superbills so that the superbills reflect their payments, it’s best to delay superbill creation until after the date you'd normally collect payments from your clients. 

Note: If you select the 31st, 30th, etc. for superbill creation and a month doesn't have that many days, the superbill creation will run on the last day of the month.


Automatically sharing billing documents

Billing automation includes the ability to automatically share billing documents. Automatically sharing bills can be turned on or off.

There's also a time delay setting. We don't send bills immediately to allow time for you to make any changes to the bill/superbill before it sends. It is also important to set a delay of at least 60 minutes if autopay is enabled so that autopay has time to run before the bill is sent.

This is a default setting for new clients and will be applied to any new clients. However, changing this setting doesn't apply this change to all existing clients. To change the setting for those clients, please reference the client-level settings below.

Client-level settings

If bills aren't automatically being shared for a client, be sure to check the client-level setting. Go to a client details screen->billing->settings to verify that it's turned on.

Also worth mentioning is that if no email is on file, or if the client has disabled email from the Communication Preferences, no documents will be shared.



Billing automation includes the ability to automatically collect payments using the default credit card on-file for a client. Configure this setting to either on or off.

Note: This feature only works with Stripe payments

When enabled, autopay will run daily at 12:30am - approximately 30 minutes after any bills are auto-created. If you are a practitioner who has autopay turned on as well as automatic bill creation, please set billing document sharing to at least 60minutes to allow the autopay feature to run first.

Client-level Settings

If autopay isn't working for a client, be sure to have autopay turned on at the client level. Go to Clients > [Client Name] > Billing > Settings to verify that it's turned on and a default credit card is on file.


Frequently asked questions

Can I make it so that automatically sharing documents only shares superbills or invoices but not both?
Currently, automatically sharing billing documents will share both. If you need more control over sharing of documents we recommend turning this off at the account level or at the client level depending upon your needs.


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