Creating a Client


Couple, Family, and Conjoint Therapy Client Setup

This tutorial teaches you how to create and setup a couple, family, or conjoint therapy client.

Convert Existing Clients into a Couples Client

This video shows you how to use existing clients within the context of the new couples client features.


Adding a new client

There are multiple spots in Sessions Health where a practitioner can create a new client record. Immediately after sign up, you will be brought to a screen with a few account on-boarding steps that includes one guiding you to create a new client.

Adding a new client is also a permanent option on our left-hand sidebar.

Additionally, if you are looking at your calendar and want to create an appointment for a client that has yet to be created, you can add a new appointment, type the first and last name of your new client, and click the + Add below the name field. 

In each case, the minimum information needed to establish a new client record is first and last name.

The client record will be in an "Incomplete" state and will appear on your Needs Attention list on your home page until you fill out more client information.


Create conjoint / couples / family clients

In Sessions Health, you may create clients for the purpose of Couples, Family, or Conjoint therapy. To create this type of client, click  New Client in the sidebar or navigate to Clients and click  +Add. This will bring up a modal popup. Select Couple / Family / Conjoint.

On this popup, you may enter a name to reference the conjoint therapy client and add individual members. Individual members can be existing clients or new clients. To add a New Client, you will only need their First and Last Name. 

  • The Identified Patient is whose insurance will be used. If the client is private pay it doesn't matter who is selected as the identified patient.
  • The Billing Contact is who will be billed for the session and receive billing documents.
  • Click the Add Member button to add additional members.

After saving the client, you will be taken to the Members tab of the Client Details screen.

An icon will indicate who is the Identified Patient and who is the Billing Contact.

Client needs setup

New clients will have an indicator that they require further setup. For new clients that require further setup, as long as you have their email address, you may still send them an invitation to the portal to collect the remaining demographic information and fill out the intake paperwork. This is done by clicking the  Portal tab.

Settings Tab

From here you may configure each member to

  • Receive appointment reminders (only if the individual client allows it in Communication Preferences)
  • Receive Session Bridging questionnaires at the end of the session
  • Be able to book appointments online in the Client Portal (only if Online Booking is configured in Account Settings > Portal).

Portal Tab

The portal tab allows you to configure individual member's client portal the same as with individual clients. Please see the related articles on using the Client Portal for more information.


Adding a minor client

Minor clients can be added along with parents or guardians that may want to handle billing, sign documents, view upcoming appointments, and receive appointment reminders.  

To create this type of client, click  New Client in the sidebar or navigate to Clients and click  +Add. In the next screen, select Minor.

You may enter a minor's name and email address. You may then choose new or existing contacts. If an existing contact (or client) is chosen, you can search for the name to add as a contact.

  • Select Billing Contact if you would like that contact to be billed for sessions and receive billing documents.
  • Check Receive appointment reminders for the contact to receive appointment reminders.

Client portal

Contacts who have been given access to the minor's portal, may manage documents for the minor. When there are multiple contacts, such as in the case of divorced parents, each contact will only have visibility to documents they have submitted.

To give the parent access to the minor's portal, navigate to the Portal tab.

You may toggle access for both the minor and any contacts from this tab. The portal invitation to the minor and/or contacts will allow you to determine the level of access and send any consent and intake forms.

Once the contact has been invited to the portal, you may further manage the contact's permissions for the minor client.

  • View Appointments will allow the contact to see upcoming appointments.
  • Manage information will allow the contact to manage the minor client's details from within the portal.
  • Manage Documentation will allow you to send additional forms and documents to the contact through the portal.

Client portal documents

Contacts will see any paperwork for the minor client in the client portal under the Documents and Forms tab

Note: Contacts and clients can only see paperwork in the portal that was explicitly shared with them.

Manage contact

To manage the contact's information, click on the contact's name in the Contacts panel in the right-side of the screen.


Friendly for LGBTQ+ clients

You may record pronouns and, if set, display them in various places within Sessions Health.

For the information you request to collect through the portal, you may remove the client's legal sex designation as this is not needed unless you're submitting claims. 

Legal Name

Sessions Health allows you to add a legal name that will appear on legal forms but use the client's real name throughout the rest of the site. You can set this in the Clients > [Client Name] > Details tab. 


How does Sessions Health support working with teens, children and minors?

We allow you to add one or more parents or guardians as contacts of a minor. The parent or guardian can be setup to handle billing, sign documents, receive appointment reminders, and view upcoming appointments. 

How does Sessions Health support couples and families for therapy?

Sessions Health supports Couples, Family, and Conjoint Therapy. You may designate an identified patient, a billing contact, and control other options for each member. 

Do you support group therapy sessions? 

At this time, we do not support the ability for multiple billing parties for an individual appointment. If you conduct group therapy, you would need to setup an appointment for each individual client for the same appointment time.


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