Using the Client Portal


Please see our client portal tutorial videos here.

Inviting a New Client to the Portal

There are two ways to invite a client to the client portal, which depends on if you're inviting a new client or an existing client that you may have imported from another EHR.

Note: We currently don't provide code to embed the portal within your web site. However, you may post a link directly on your website to your client portal. This is found at Account Settings > Portal.

After adding a new client's first name, last name, and email address, the setup wizard will ask if you would like to give your client access to the portal. You can decide what features to enable, information to collect, and forms and documents your client should complete or sign. 

To add a client to the client portal, within the Client > [Client Name ] > Details tab, select Start Setup.

You will confirm information on the first page and continue to the second page. From here, you can choose to grant your client access to the portal.

Choose the features you'd like to make available, information to collect, and forms you'd like to send. Click Send Invitation and Continue to invite your client. 

Inviting an Existing Client to the Portal

If you've imported your client details from another EHR, you will want to invite each of them to your new portal. You can do this in the  Clients > [Client Name] > Portal tab.

Redeliver an Invitation to the Client Portal

If your client needs a reminder to accept the invitation to the client portal or they cannot find their original invitation email, you can resend the invitation by going to the  Clients > [Client Name] > Portal tab and clicking on the "..." like you see below.


Basics of using the client portal

Every account at Sessions Health comes with a client portal to help automate and streamline intake, collect credit card information, communicate securely, share documents, collect e-signatures, and enable online booking of appointments. You’ll set your own customized URL for your clients to login. See our Configuring the Client Portal video tutorial to get setup. 

Sharing Forms and Documents Through the Client Portal

Occasionally, there may be new forms or documents to share with your clients. Sharing a new form or document will notify your client by email that there's a new document to review.

Sharing a Form Through the Client Portal

We recommend sharing assessments, intake forms, and questionnaires by creating custom forms and sending those to your clients to fill out. This save both you and your clients time and hassle with printing paperwork, scanning, and uploading. 

If you've created a new consent or intake form that you'd like to share with a client, go to  Clients > [Client Name] > Portal. In the Requested and Shared Documents section, click Manage Documentation. From there, you can check any new forms you'd like to share or uncheck any forms you'd like to un-share, then click Save. If any new forms are sent, you'll have the opportunity to customize your email message.  

Sharing a PDF Document or File Through the Client Portal

To share a document, go to   Clients > [Client Name] > Portal. In the Requested and Shared Documents section, click Manage Documentation. Scroll to the bottom to find the Shared Document section. Click Add and follow the instructions to upload an attachment. 

Click Continue and add any custom message you'd like. 

Client Uploads

By enabling client uploads, you are allowing your client to share files with you through the client portal. Once logged in, your client will go the the Document & Forms tab and scroll down to the My Uploads section. They can then click Add to upload a new document.

You can access any client uploaded forms by going to Clients > [Client Name]. In the right section of the client profile, scroll down to the Files area to view any files from your client in the Uploaded by the Client section.

Secure Messaging

If you've chosen to enable secure messaging through the portal, you can communicate through your client portal, which is HIPAA compliant. To do this, simply click in the conversation icon in the upper right corner of the application and click on the edit icon. 

If a client responds or messages you, secure message alerts will appear in the application. 

Online Booking

We enable online booking through your portal for both current and new clients. You can choose the services, duration, your availability, and other settings. See Online Booking Using the Client Portal support article for more details.

Putting it All Together

The client portal is essential for you to streamline your practice and save you valuable time. We recommend you invite all your clients to the client portal, and re-deliver the invite if needed. Not only will this help you, your clients will appreciate being able to see upcoming appointments, sign documents, fill out assessments, and more. To view your client's experience, view the Client View of the Client Portal video tutorial.



We send a notification when a client completes their on-boarding through the portal (which includes any initial intake paperwork they've been requested to fill out). Outside of that, we also notify via the daily digest email of any completed/signed treatment plan or assessment, and any client uploads.

We may add additional notifications in the future.



Are clients able to cancel appointments in the client portal?
Currently, clients cannot cancel appointments in the client portal. We are planning on adding this feature when we revisit working on the client portal.

What does the subdomain mean when I'm setting up my client portal?
The subdomain is the part that you may customize. For example, you may enter the name of your clinic here. If your clinic is called My Clinic, for example, your portal address could be

How do I remove or delete a client portal?
You may revoke access to a client's portal by going to Clients > [Client Name] > Portal. Click the '...' menu to revoke access.

How do clients reset their password on the client portal?
1. Direct them to your client portal. You will find this under Account Settings > Portal.

2. Your client will need to select Existing Client from the main screen to be redirected to the login page.

3. They will need to click the Forgot Password link.

4. They will need to enter their email address to have a reset link sent. If they don't know it, you may provide it to them. It is the email address you have on file for them under Clients > [Client Name] > Details.

Are clients emailed when I send them a secure message?
If unread after 2 minutes, and a client has allowed emails to be sent in Communication Preferences, then an email will be sent notifying them that they have a secure message in the client portal.

Do you offer personal branding and logos in the client portal?
Your client portal will include your name, address, and ability to schedule appointments online if you choose to make that available. We currently do not have the option to include more customizations such as your logo, however, we intend to build in more flexibility for you to customize the portal later this year.

Why don't my clients nor I see a Billing tab in the client portal?
Please make sure you have View Shared Invoices and Manage Billing turned on under Account Settings > Portal and on the individual client's portal settings for your client.



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